Maintaining your range oven

Oven maintenance

How to Maintain your Range Oven

Many families are choosing to cook at home more often, for both financial reasons and for healthier eating. As a result, the kitchen oven range is seeing increased use. Regular appliance maintenance can ensure that your kitchen is ready for use at all time. Here are some tips on what you can do to keep your kitchen range oven functioning reliably:

Wipe Up Oven Spills Immediately

If foods overflow the pan, clean up the spill in your oven as soon as the oven is cool enough to the touch. Quick cleanup will prevent the need to scour or scrap baked on food, which can cause damage to your oven’s internal surfaces and reduce your need for oven repair.

Use the Self-Cleaning Feature Regularly and Safely

A clean oven will cook foods more efficiently and will prevent unpleasant odors from permeating the natural flavors. Use the self-cleaning feature only when you can be at home to monitor it. Open a window to release burnt odors that may occur from the process. Allow the oven to cool for at least six hours before opening it or using it.

Unplug the Oven When Cleaning With Water

Unplugging the oven if you are using water or a baking soda solution, which is often used to clean and deodorize oven interiors, will prevent the risk of electrocution. This additional measure will allow you to clean thoroughly without danger to yourself or risk to the oven.

Don’t Remove Knobs to Clean Under Them

People often use water or cleaning solutions to maintain range surfaces, but experts recommend leaving knobs on the range to prevent these substances from damaging the electrical system in the range and oven. Carefully using a damp sponge on these areas should be sufficient for normal cleaning and will limit the need for range repair.

Use A Spill Sheet for Easier Cleaning

Appliance experts also recommend laying a cookie sheet with aluminum foil to catch spills to prevent heavy buildup of baked on food that is hard to remove. You can then replace the foil and sheet easily.

You can reduce your appliance repair costs by taking precautions on a daily basis to keep your oven clean and functioning as it was designed.