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Refrigerators have become much more efficient in recent years, with many obtaining ENERGY STAR certification, but even the most efficient refrigerators need a little help from their users in order to reach peak performance. The following refrigerator maintenance practices are simple, easy to understand strategies for you to utilize in order to make your refrigerator run better and for as long as mechanically possible.

Pay Attention to the Door

In most forms of refrigeration, be it wine chillers, freezers or mini fridges, paying attention to the door is one of the most important things you can do to maintain proper working order. Frequently opening and closing a refrigerator door will allow cool air to escape and warm air to enter, forcing the condenser unit to work overtime attempting to compensate for the temperature drop. Extended or extreme use of the condenser unit can result in a few issues, including increased noise production, higher energy consumption, and a shorter life cycle of refrigeration units. If a condenser unit stops functioning, a professional appliance service will need to be contacted in order to complete the refrigerator repair. Replacing a condenser is one of those things a user will not want to attempt themselves.

Even if you are vigilant, refraining from opening and closing your refrigerator door frequently, a faulty door seal could result in the same outcome. If a refrigerator’s door is not sealing properly, a strain will be put on the condenser to compensate for temperature drops. Confirm your door is sealing properly often in order to keep it running efficiently.

Wait for Warm Items to Cool Before Refrigerating

Placing warm items directly into the fridge without allowing them to cool will result in the same strain on the condenser as allowing cool air to escape. In essence, an identical problem is the cause of the issue: cool air is not being preserved inside the refrigerator. By placing warm foods inside the refrigerator, the fridge not only has to work increasingly hard to cool those specific items to the desired temperature, but the heat emanating from those objects is also sabotaging the coolness of the existing air.

Perform General Refrigerator Maintenance

While performing general maintenance, such as wiping down the interior walls, checking the door seal and cleaning the condenser unit, is not exactly the most exciting thing to do, these practices will drastically extend the lifecycle of a refrigerator unit. Keeping up with the cleanliness of the unit will not only help make your refrigerator run better, it will also eliminate the potential for annoying and embarrassing odors.

Paying attention to the door, waiting for warm items to cool before placing them in the refrigerator and performing general maintenance are all simple strategies to implement in order to make your refrigerator run better and last longer.

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