Should you upgrade your washer and dryer?

Your washer and dryer are two of the most expensive appliances in your home and are in charge of cleaning another major expense: your family’s clothes. Ensure your washer and dryer are kept up to code by keeping an eye on their performances.

1. Appliance repair? Or upgrade?

Ask yourself how long you’ve owned your washer and dryer. Now, ask yourself if it has been serviced properly throughout that time period. If it has, most of the you’ll be in great shape. If it hasn’t, you may first want to consider viewing our appliance repair services before opting to upgrade your washer or dryer. However, when it’s time to upgrade, it’s time to upgrade.

One thing to keep in mind when upgrading your home appliances, is that when you buy a washer dryer combo, you might end up losing one sooner than the other and need to replace both. When you buy a combo, you end up with one unit that performs two functions. If the washer dies before the dryer, you’ll need to get a whole new set at once, whereas you might only need to upgrade one or the other if you buy a freestanding washer and dryer.

2. Quality of Service

Take a good look at your clothes the next time you remove them from your washer and dryer. What kind of condition are they in? Do they look worn out? Are there unnecessary holes or wear and tear? If so, your washer might be wearing out if the agitator is too old. Your dryer might not be able to set the correct temperature for its settings.

Are your clothes clean? Are they dry? It might be time to purchase new appliances if your old ones aren’t getting the job done right. We offer high-quality Speed Queen washers and dryers that not only stand the test of time, but come with an amazing warranty.

3. Utility and Appliance Repair Bills

Another great way to deem whether or not it’s time to upgrade your washer and dryer is by looking at your utility bill. Have your water and electricity bills increased over time? Do you use more energy on weeks where you do more laundry? If your washer and dryer are older, you might be spending hundreds of extra dollars in energy bills. You can also opt for an energy efficient washer and dryer that will keep your bills low and might even lead to a tax break.

You should also analyze your repair bills. If your washer and dryer need constant repair, you might consider upgrading your equipment. Though you may spend several hundred dollars to do so, you’ll end up saving money in the long run by cutting down on your maintenance and appliance repair costs.

Ensure your clothes stay clean and safe by keeping an eye on your washer and dryer. By maintaining this investment, you can keep your clothes in rotation for years to come.

Not sure about what to do?

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